Client Reviews

The Customer Is Always Right

“I was worried my little two-door wouldn’t even make it home from work. I took it to Unique Auto & Truck Glass Repair, and in no time they had it up and running like new! When it comes to quality and service, Unique Auto & Truck Glass Repair has never let me down.”

Kris Michaels

“My car is my baby, and Unique Auto & Truck Glass Repair took care of it with patience and love. The staff are always friendly and receptive to my questions, making the auto shop experience easy and enjoyable. Next time I need any work, I know who to call.”

Reese Mathers

“I came to Unique Auto & Truck Glass Repair because my old car needed some new life. After a friendly discussion, we agreed on a whole list of repairs and upgrades — for a totally reasonable price.”

Robbie White

"Jonathan did an amazing job on replacement of my front windshield. He took his time and was very careful and meticulous with the removal of the old cracked windshield and the install of the new. They were very reasonably priced and they were even to get me the solar coated windshield I requested. I would definitely recommend them."

Prem A.